Transnational Institute (TNI) expresa solidaridad con Acción Ecológica PDF Imprimir Correo electrónico
Miércoles 21 de Diciembre de 2016 18:12

Dear compañeras from Acción Ecológica,

As Transnational Institute we would like to express all our solidarity and preoccupation in the situation you are fnow confronting.  We are also concerned about the advances of the extractivist model in Ecuador, as well as about the repression of the environmental and human rights defenders.

We recognize over the years the importance of your commitment and irreplaceable work in defense of environmental and economic justice and human rights, not only in Ecuador, but worldwide.

Please count on our support, we remain in alert to follow closely these developments in Ecuador.

Abrazos solidarios,

/Fiona Dove/

/Transnational Institute (TNI) /